Redalh, Innovating tradition

REDALH: Cross-border Cultural Heritage: Creation of Network of Management Professionals of Heritage is a Project that is jointly financed by the European Union in the Second Notification for Projects of the Programme of Spain-External Frontiers Cooperation and the Patronato de la Alhambra y Generalife.   

Project carried out by the Patronato de la Alhambra y Generalife in collaboration with the Regional Ministry of Culture of the Region of Tangiers-Tetouan.

The idea of this project has arisen from the need that has been observed over the period of more than 20 years in which part of the team of restorers of the department of conservation of the Patronato de la Alhambra y Generalife has been working on the monument.  The presence of historical buildings linked by a common artistic tradition reveals the continuity of knowledge and practical and decorative techniques. The analysis and further transfer of this knowledge held as conservation strategy and linked to living craft practices constitute one of the main values to recover.